About Ignation

We Are Our Own Biggest Obstacle

Can you have a full sounding band with just bass & drums? Ignation thought yes, but they may be biased. The only way you'll know for sure though is if you come to one of their shows! ;)

A bass & drum duo band from Upstate NY.  The 6-string bassist sings bluesy lead vocals with a female drummer who raps, screams, & sings back up. Incorporating elements of heavy rock & metal mixed with r&b, hip hop, & pop, Ignation fuses multiple genres, making it difficult to label them under only one. They use their lyrics to challenge listeners to look at the human conditions that often hinder us more than the circumstances surrounding us. Because let's be honest, it's easier to blame external factors. But if you could greatly improve your life by changing something within yourself, would you? 



When we design our merch, we always try to think of items that would be fashionable and appealing even if you weren't a fan of the band. So even if this is your first time ever hearing of us, and you're still trying to figure out if you even like these people or not, check out our online Etsy store anyway. Who knows? You may just find something you like! You'll find hats, jewelry, pins, and of course, we have CD's available to buy too. Our drummer even modeled one of the hats for you! -->

Drummer Hat.jpg


Click on over to our bandcamp for some of our recorded music!

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